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Coochie Conditioner®

For your wood, you deserve premium protection. Coat your wood with our conditioner to keep it safe and moist, and you'll be proud to show your coochie at your next get-together.

Coochie Boards®

After trying this Coochie, you’ll never want another. Be the star of the party or make family get togethers even more interesting with this line of custom-made charcuterie boards by Coochie®

urban carpenter

NEW - Explore our newest, premium line featuring butcher blocks, cutting board and premium charcuterie boards. Perfect for dads, wedding gifts or anyone who enjoys high-quality wood.


Enough with the confusion.

We just say “Coochie”

we've got a Father's Day surprise

butcher blocks // cutting boards // premium boards


Our new collection

urban carpenter

available now

butcher blocks // cutting boards

for the chef at home. Offer ends 6/18.